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Holly’s Door Repair has proudly been a cornerstone in this great city for more than 40 years, proudly serving our friends and neighbors in the region. Our locally run and locally owned company has the most skilled and experienced staff in the area, and they know everything there is to know about interior or exterior doors. We are equipped to handle any residential or commercial project and are happy to provide door repairs, senior and apartment owner discounts, round-the-clock emergency assistance, and board-ups for break-ins. Contact us today for a consultation and you’ll quickly learn what sets our top-notch installers apart from other door companies in Yorba Linda.

Door Types

Fire Doors

Industrial-strength steel fire doors are an affordable and crucial component of your overall fire safety strategy. Since they are designed to keep heat, flames, and smoke out for a predetermined period of time (20 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, or 3 hours, depending on the recommendations of your local fire department’s fire inspection and fire rating), these doors really save lives. For the best fire protection, a fire door would greatly benefit from having a premium fusible link. If your project calls for them, we can also fabricate fire-retardant wood doors for a variety of applications.

Automated Doors

If you’ve entered a supermarket or convenience store recently, you’ve probably experienced the advantages of an automated door firsthand. This type of door automatically opens when people approach, which has many benefits – aesthetic appeal, space and energy savings, low maintenance, ease of use, accessibility, security, and maximum hygiene. We’ll work with you to create a door that exceeds your needs if you’re looking for automated doors in Yorba Linda.

Patio Doors

There is no need to search any further than our modest local door company if you’re looking for a premium, beautiful, custom glass patio door. Call us if you need any Yorba Linda patio doors, including:


Only a custom patio door can ensure a stunning and fashionable appearance when you have a particular design in mind. Our skilled personnel will be with you every step of the process, from the initial design consultation to the expert installation.


When opened, bifold (or stacking) patio doors form an accordion-style folding wall of windows. They’re especially popular with people who like to host parties and gatherings.


French patio doors offer an atmosphere of openness that many people prefer their homes to have, and they are also unquestionably traditional. The patio will feel like a cohesive extension of the home’s interior if one or both sides of the door are open, and moving furniture back and forth will also be easy. We offer French doors with single or double panes.


You can have a seamless aesthetic, clear views of your backyard, and no unused floor space when you choose pocket doors. They are perfect for a modern home.

Traditional Sliding

Due to the two-pane design of sliding doors, when the door is opened, one pane will cover the other. Because they can be created in any shape, size, and color, they are simple to coordinate with any existing design aesthetic.

Barn Doors

If you’re searching for a way to add practicality and a captivating, bold statement to a space simultaneously, barn doors are a great way to do just that. Barn doors are a great addition to any home because they are frequently used in places like offices, pantries, and bathrooms, and they come in a variety of styles, including traditional, rustic, and modern.

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are crucial in many industrial and commercial settings. These doors, which are most frequently utilized in retail storefronts, have aluminum frames and glass panes. Commercial HM (hollow metal) doors offer fire safety, energy efficiency, and security at a reduced cost since they are filled with insulation instead of solid metal, which surprises our customers given their lower price. No matter what type of commercial door you need, our experts will be available to assist you.

French Doors

French doors can be used as either exterior or interior doors. These sliding or swinging doors, which can be constructed of steel or a variety of wood species (such as oak, walnut, mahogany, or birch) combined with glass, are timeless, adaptable, and practical.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a common material for doors since it doesn’t warp, is strong, and resists termites. The material is man-made, and it is an excellent option for back entry, front entry, and patio doors.

Wood Doors

Due to their unrivaled aesthetic appeal, security, and durability, wood doors have enjoyed widespread popularity for a very long time. They can be crafted from solid woods like oak, mahogany, or birch or from the compressed material masonite for use as an interior, exterior, front, back, or entry door. With our endless selection of custom wood doors, you can be certain that the precise dimensions, material, style, and other elements you choose will soon be showcased in your residence or place of business.

Steel Doors

Because they are among the strongest and most durable options, steel doors will never rot, distort, or fracture. They promise to be robust, long-lasting, and practical in addition to having amazing visual appeal. No matter if you select a hollow or solid metal door, our professionals will build it to the precise measurements your property requires. To further improve safety and security, we can even install mortise (high security) locks on your door.

Battened Doors

People who prefer a rustic, character-filled setting inevitably find battened doors to be highly appealing. These interior or exterior doors are made to order by designers and include vertical boards over horizontal battens.

If you need door replacement, repair, custom doors, and the best door service in Yorba Linda, give Holly’s a call at (951) 247-8787.

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