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For over 40 incredible years, Holly’s Door Repair has served the community with pride and become a cornerstone of this wonderful city. You can rely on our locally owned, locally owned business for all of your interior or exterior door needs. We can handle any commercial or residential project you may have in mind, and our apartment owner and senior discounts, around-the-clock emergency assistance, door repairs, and break-in board-ups are just a few of the ways we meet the needs of our clients. To schedule a visit with a member of our exceptional staff and experience the Holly’s Doors difference, call us today.

Door Types

Commercial Doors

When you own a commercial or industrial property, commercial doors are a given. These doors include glass panes and metal frames, and they are typically used in retail storefronts. Commercial HM (hollow metal) doors are another option if your goals are security, energy efficiency, and fire protection, and these insulation-filled (rather than solid metal-filled) doors are also more affordable. No matter what kind of commercial door you need, our professionals are available to help.

Fire Doors

A comprehensive fire safety plan must include industrial-strength steel fire doors since they are both essential and reasonably priced. For 20 minutes, an hour, two hours, or three hours, depending on the fire rating recommendations issued by the fire department at the time of your inspection, these life-saving doors can shield inhabitants from flames, smoke, and heat. For the best fire protection, a fire door would greatly benefit from having a premium fusible link. If you’re interested, we can also help you choose the ideal wooden flame-resistant door for your house.

Fiberglass Doors

Since fiberglass doors don’t warp and are sturdy and termite-resistant, many people find them appealing. This man-made material can be used to create patio, back entry, or front entry doors.

French Doors

French doors are a very common choice for exterior or interior doors. These classic, efficient, and versatile doors have glass panes, swinging or sliding designs, and can be made of steel or wood (like oak, birch, walnut, or mahogany).

Steel Doors

Steel doors are some of the strongest and most long-lasting solutions, so they will never rot, warp, or crack. They promise to be robust and practical in addition to having amazing visual appeal. Our professionals will construct your door to the exact specifications your property demands, whether you choose a solid metal door or a hollow metal door. For the safety and security of your family, we can also install mortise (high security) locks on your door.

Barn Doors

If you want a door that’s sure to make an interesting and eye-catching statement, yet enhance the functionality of your home, barn doors are the answer. Frequently used in areas like offices, bathrooms, and pantries, barn doors can range in style from traditional to modern to rustic, which makes them a wonderful addition to any home.

Patio Doors

Our local door company will be grateful for your business should you find yourself in the market for a top-quality, custom, beautiful glass patio door. We can make any San Bernardino patio doors you could ever want, including:


With a streamlined design, minimal wasted floor space, and wide, lovely views of your outdoor surroundings, pocket doors are a modern and creative solution. This style of door complements modern design ideas beautifully.


Bifold or stacking patio doors are accordion-like, folding doors that expand into a wall of windows when closed. These doors are a terrific choice for people who enjoy hosting friends and family in their homes.


French patio doors offer an atmosphere of openness that many people prefer their homes to have, and they are also unquestionably traditional. Since you can open one or both sides, your interior and your patio will flow together organically – plus it’s quite easy to move furniture in and out. French doors can be made with one or two panes of glass.

Traditional Sliding

Due to the two-pane design of sliding doors, when the door is opened, one pane will cover the other. These doors can be made in countless styles, sizes, and colors.


If you want to design your very own patio door to achieve the exact look you’re going for, our doors are the best way to get the stylish and unique solution you deserve. From the initial design meeting through expert installation, our knowledgeable staff will be there for you at every step.

Battened Doors

Any room can effortlessly feel charming and rustic with the use of battened doors. Designers create these interior or exterior doors to order, layering vertical boards atop horizontal battens.

Wood Doors

Due to its exceptional durability, security, and aesthetic appeal, wood doors have enjoyed tremendous popularity for a very long time. Wood doors are used for back, front, entry, exterior, or interior functions. They can range from solid woods like mahogany, oak, or birch to masonite (compressed material) doors. You may be confident that your home or business will soon have the exact proportions, material, design, and other features you so carefully selected thanks to our extensive range of custom wood doors.

Automated Doors

You probably use an automated door to enter a convenience store or supermarket, so you are most likely already aware of the advantages of this kind of door. These doors automatically open as someone approaches, offering benefits including maximum cleanliness, ease of use and maintenance, aesthetic appeal, cost and energy savings, accessibility, and security. If you’re looking for automated doors in San Bernardino, our skilled staff would be happy to work with you to design a door that completely meets your company’s requirements.

If you need door replacement, repair, custom doors, and the best door service in San Bernardino, give Holly’s a call at 800-525-5776.


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