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At Holly’s Door Repair, we have proudly served the Beaumont community for more than 40 memorable years. If you’re looking for interior or exterior doors, our locally owned and run business has all the knowledge and experience you deserve in a door company. We are always prepared to handle any home or commercial task and provide round-the-clock emergency service, door repairs, break-in board-ups, and discounts for seniors and apartment owners. You can find out just what makes our top-notch installers different from other door businesses in Beaumont by calling us today for a consultation!

Door Types

Barn Doors

If you want a door that will surely make an eye-catching and intriguing statement while also providing usefulness to your home, barn doors are the best choice. For rooms like restrooms, pantries, offices, and more, barn doors are a trend that is here to stay since these strong and useful doors come in a variety of styles, from rustic to modern to traditional.

French Doors

French doors can be used as exterior or interior doors. These versatile, practical, and conventional sliding or swinging doors are constructed from steel or wood (birch, walnut, oak, or mahogany) and glass.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a popular choice for doors because it doesn’t warp, it is a durable material, and it is resistant to termites. The synthetic material is a fantastic pick for patio doors, back entrances, and front entrances.

Steel Doors

Because steel doors will never warp, crack, or rot, they are one of the most resilient and durable choices you can make. They are long-lasting, practical, and beautiful, too. Whether you’re in the market for a solid or a hollow metal door, our team can manufacture a design that meets your exact needs and preferences. We can also complete the job by installing high security mortise locks, which play a key role in the protection and safety of your home and family.

Fire Doors

Industrial-strength steel fire doors are a crucial and affordable component of a thorough fire safety strategy. These doors can actually save lives because they are made to keep heat, flames, and smoke out for a set amount of time (20 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, or 3 hours, based on the fire inspection and fire rating recommendations of your local fire department). The best way to go above and above in terms of protection for both you and your personnel is to use a high-quality fusible link. We also provide fire-retardant wood doors for various uses if your project necessitates them.

Automated Doors

There’s a good chance that you’ll instantly notice the benefits of an automated door while entering a convenience or grocery store. These doors automatically open as someone approaches, offering benefits including maximum cleanliness, ease of use and maintenance, aesthetic appeal, cost and energy savings, accessibility, and security. If you’re looking for automated doors in Beaumont, our knowledgeable staff would be delighted to collaborate with you to create a door that perfectly satisfies your business’s needs.

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are a necessity if you own a commercial or industrial building. This style of door, which is frequently used in storefront applications, has glass panes enclosed in an aluminum frame. Another choice to consider when energy efficiency, security, and fire safety are your top priorities is commercial HM (hollow metal) doors, which are actually more economical because they are packed with insulation rather than solid metal. The knowledgeable staff at our neighborhood company will be pleased to assist you with any type of commercial door.

Battened Doors

Any well-edited space benefits from the uniqueness and distinct, rustic appearance of battened doors. These custom doors, which are distinguished by vertical boards and horizontal battens, can be made by many of your favorite designers to match any interior or exterior.

Patio Doors

If you’re looking for a high-end, custom, stunning glass patio door, our local door company would wholeheartedly appreciate your business. We can custom-make all Beaumont patio door styles, including:


Without a doubt, French patio doors are attractive – and that’s why discerning designers and homeowners tend to adore how airy they feel in modern homes. The patio will feel like a complementary extension of the house’s interior when one or both sides of the door are open, and moving furniture also becomes a simple process. Our store offers French doors with single or double panes.


Pocket doors allow for panoramic views of your back yard, a seamless look, and no wasted floor space. They create a chic, appealing, and contemporary appearance.


Our solutions are the ideal way to achieve the fashionable, lovely, and custom patio door you deserve if you’re aiming for a distinctive design. Our professional staff will be there for you at every step, from the initial design consultation to the skillful installation.

Traditional Sliding

When a sliding door is open, one of its two panes covers the other. There are countless varieties of this sort of door in terms of size, color, and style options.


Stacking doors, also known as bifold doors, can be identified by the look of panoramic windows that expand into an accordion-style stack when the doors are opened. For individuals who like to have friends and family gather in their homes, these doors are a great option.

Wood Doors

Due to their durability, beauty, and security, wood doors have been a favorite among people for many decades. Wood doors are used for back, front, entry, exterior, or interior functions. They can range from solid woods like mahogany, oak, or birch to masonite (compressed material) doors. With our endless selection of custom wood doors, you can be certain that the precise dimensions, material, style, and other elements you choose will soon be showcased in your residence or place of business.

If you need door replacement, repair, custom doors, and the best door service in Beaumont, give Holly’s a call at 800-525-5776.


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