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Holly’s Door Repair has spent over 40 years proudly serving our neighbors in the Corona area. You can rely on our locally owned, locally owned business for all of your interior or exterior door needs. We are always prepared to handle any home or commercial project, and we are pleased to offer door repairs, discounts for seniors and apartment owners, break-in board-ups, 24/7 emergency services, and door repairs. To find out more about what makes our excellent installers different from all the other door businesses in the region, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Door Types

Fire Doors

Fire doors are made of industrial-strength steel, and they are an affordable and essential part of your overall fire protection plan. Because they are designed to keep heat, flames, and smoke out for a specific period of time (20 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, or 3 hours, depending on your local fire department’s fire inspection and fire rating recommendations), these doors can quite literally save lives. Using a top-notch fusible link is the greatest method to ensure that you and your staff are as protected as possible. If you’re interested in a flame-resistant wooden door for your house, we can also help you decide which one is best for your requirements.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are the ideal option if you want a door that will undoubtedly make an interesting and eye-catching statement while also adding utility to your home. Often used on pantries, bathrooms, or offices, barn doors can have a rustic, modern, or traditional look, which makes them an ideal complement to your existing design scheme.

Steel Doors

Because steel doors will never warp, crack, or rot, they are one of the most resilient, long-lasting, and durable choices you can make. They are attractive, practical, and durable. Our experts can create a hollow or solid metal door that precisely meets your requirements and tastes. We can also add mortise (high security) locks to your door to further increase safety and security.

Automated Doors

You’re likely to enter a convenience shop or supermarket using an automated door, so you’re probably familiar with the benefits of this type of door. When someone approaches, these doors automatically open, providing advantages including optimal cleanliness, simplicity in operation and maintenance, visual appeal, energy and cost savings, security, and accessibility. We’ll work with you to create a door that exceeds your expectations if you’re looking for automated doors in Corona.

Battened Doors

Any home benefits from the character and distinct, rustic appearance of battened doors. Many of your favorite designers can create these custom doors, which are defined by vertical boards and horizontal battens, to match any interior or exterior.

Patio Doors

If you’re looking for a high-end, custom, gorgeous glass patio door, our neighborhood door company would be so appreciative of your patronage. We’ll be happy to help if you require any Corona patio doors, such as:


Pocket doors may be the answer for you if you dislike wasting floor space and value beautiful, expansive views of your outdoor space. Modern homes are the ideal place for this style of door.


Stacking doors, often referred to as bifold doors, are distinguished by the look of panoramic windows that unfold into an accordion-style stack when the doors are opened. If you love to entertain, these doors might be ideal for you.

Traditional Sliding

One of a sliding door’s two panes overlaps the other when you open the door. This kind of door is available in countless sizes, colors, and configurations.


If you want a one-of-a-kind design, our offerings are the best way to get the stylish, attractive, and personalized patio door you deserve. Our top-notch experts will assist you at every level of the design, construction, and installation process.


French patio doors are a classic option that are the ideal way to give your property a light, airy vibe. Your interior and patio will naturally flow together because you may open one or both sides, and moving furniture in and out is very simple. French doors can be made from either one or two glass panes.

Fiberglass Doors

Because it is durable, resistant to warping, and resistant to termites, fiberglass doors are usually preferred by customers. For patio, back, or entry doors, the synthetic material is a fantastic choice.

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are a necessity if you own a commercial or industrial building. These doors, which are typically seen in retail establishments, contain glass panels and metal frames. Commercial HM (hollow metal) doors offer fire safety, energy efficiency, and security at a reduced cost since they are filled with insulation instead of solid metal, which surprises our customers given their lower price. No matter what type of commercial door you need, our professionals are available to help.

French Doors

For both exterior and interior doors, French doors are incredibly well-liked. These doors, which can be swinging or sliding, are timeless, adaptable, and practical. They may be constructed from steel or a variety of woods (such as oak, walnut, birch, or mahogany) coupled with glass.

Wood Doors

For many generations, people have preferred wood doors because of their durability, beauty, and security. Wood doors are incredibly adaptable, serving a variety of back, front, entry, interior, and exterior uses and coming in materials such compressed masonite or solid woods like mahogany, oak, and birch. Thanks to our limitless selection of custom wood doors, you can be certain that your house or commercial property will soon have the precise measurements, material, style, and other characteristics you so carefully chose.

If you need door replacement, repair, custom doors, and the best door service in Corona, give Holly’s a call at 800-525-5776.


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