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Holly’s Door Repair has proudly been a cornerstone in this great city for more than 40 years, proudly serving our friends and neighbors in the region. You can rely on our locally owned and run business for all of your interior or exterior door needs. We are prepared to take on any home or commercial project and are delighted to offer door repairs, discounts for seniors and apartment owners, 24/7 emergency service, and board-ups for break-ins. To schedule a consultation and find out more about what makes our excellent installers stand out from all the other door providers in the region, get in touch with us right away.

Door Types

French Doors

When it comes to exterior or interior doors, French doors are a highly popular option. These classic, efficient, and versatile doors have glass panes, swinging or sliding designs, and can be made of steel or wood (like oak, birch, walnut, or mahogany).

Battened Doors

Battened doors can easily give any room a lovely, rustic feel. These designer-made custom doors will go well with any exterior or interior design because of their distinctive horizontal battens on top of vertical planks.

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are a given when you own a commercial or industrial property. These doors, which frequently appear in retail stores, have metal frames and glass panes. Commercial HM (hollow metal) doors are another option to take into account if fire safety, energy efficiency, and security are your top considerations. These doors are less expensive than solid metal doors because they are insulated, not filled with metal. Whatever type of commercial door you prefer, our experts are here to assist you.

Automated Doors

You’re likely to enter a convenience shop or supermarket using an automated door, so you’re probably familiar with the benefits of this type of door. These doors provide a multitude of benefits, including aesthetic appeal, usability, accessibility, security, energy and space savings, convenience, and low maintenance requirements, plus they open automatically when someone approaches. If you’re looking for automated doors in Garden Grove, our skilled staff will be happy to work with you to develop a door that precisely meets your company’s requirements.

Fire Doors

Industrial-strength steel fire doors are a necessary and affordable component of any comprehensive fire protection plan. These life-saving doors can protect occupants from flames, smoke, and heat for 20 minutes, an hour, two hours, or three hours, depending on the fire rating recommendations made by the fire department at the time of your inspection. A premium fusible link would be the perfect addition to a fire door for optimal fire safety. If your project calls for it, we also provide fire-retardant wood doors for alternate uses.

Patio Doors

Our local door company would be delighted to serve you if you’re seeking a high-end, custom, stunning glass patio door. Call us if you need any Garden Grove patio doors, including:


French patio doors are unquestionably timeless, and they provide an air of openness that many people love for their modern homes. Your interior and patio will naturally flow together because you may open one or both sides, and moving furniture in and out is very simple. French doors can have one or two glass panes, depending on your preference.

Traditional Sliding

One of the two panes of a sliding door overlaps the other when it is open. Because they can be created in any shape, size, and color, they are simple to coordinate with any existing design aesthetic.


With pocket doors, you can easily take advantage of a sleek appearance, unhindered scenic views, and no unused floor space. They are perfect for any modern home.


When opened, bifold (or stacking) patio doors form an accordion-style folding wall of windows. They are particularly well-liked by those who enjoy hosting events.


If you want a unique design, our solutions are the best approach to get the stylish, attractive, and personalized patio door you deserve. Our exceptional experts will be at your disposal to assist you at every level of the design, production, and installation processes from start to finish.

Wood Doors

For many generations, people have loved wood doors because they are sturdy, beautiful, and secure. They can be made for entry, back, front, exterior, or interior use in masonite (a compressed material) or real wood (including birch, mahogany, oak, and beyond). Thanks to our limitless selection of custom wood doors, you can be certain that your house or commercial property will soon have the precise measurements, material, style, and other characteristics you so carefully chose.

Fiberglass Doors

Many people like fiberglass doors because they are resilient, termite-resistant, and resistant to warping. You can make patio, back entry, or front entry doors out of this man-made material.

Steel Doors

Steel doors will never rot, fracture, or warp since they are among the strongest and most durable solutions available. They are attractive, long-lasting, practical, and durable. No matter if you want a solid metal door or a hollow metal door, our experts will build your door to the exact requirements your property requires. To maximize safety and security, we can also complete your door with mortise (high security) locks.

Barn Doors

If you’re looking for a way to give a space both functionality and an eye-catching, bold look, barn doors are a terrific way to achieve those goals and more. Due to their boldness, practicality, and ability to deliver modern, classic, or rustic appeal, barn doors are the ideal architectural addition to a variety of areas, including bathrooms, pantries, offices, and more.

If you need door replacement, repair, custom doors, and the best door service in Garden Grove, give Holly’s a call at 800-525-5776.


5 star ratingHollys door repair was recommended to us by our neighbor Charlotte. They did a fantastic job with our glass patio door. We had recently did a break in and wanted this fixed immediately. The two guys at Hollys repair were very quick and understanding about our situation. Very nice guys and quick service. Highly recommend!
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